Welcome, nerds.


You have stumbled across the outlet for all my nerdy thoughts and ideas, which I have decided to entitle The Dork Ages. I hope that the following list of my favourite things will provide an explanation for my choice:

• Vikings
• Table-top RPG
• Anglo-Saxons
• Computer games
• Vikings
• Books (really old ones)
• Board games
• Vikings
• Cosplay, make up and dressing up
• Vikings.

I plan to feature all of these things in one post or another, so if you are interested in any of the above and/or my opinions, this space is for you. There will be something new from me every Sunday evening.

Here is a low-quality photograph of me riding a dragon, to illustrate the joy to come.



One thought on “Welcome, nerds.

  1. To be fair, in the time of vikings and dragons, technology was quite rare so to get any photographs of you and a dragon is quite impressive. I presume Vikings was on your list twice because you really like vikings? Awesome blog so far, and have followed

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